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"I am a former student of Dr prashant...the man who reformed me from nothing in orthopaedics to everything in orthopaedics...a great teacher, moderator....supporter...of lifetime He's a kind of person who always strives for the wellbeing of students academically and personally Not just he helped me with academics but taught a lot about life lessons......I'm glad to b a student of him..and ll b glad to work under him always...."
Dr.Parakala Mahesh Kumar
MBBS,MS Ortho,Senior Resident,SVRRGGH Tirupati
"Dr. Prashant Madan Mohan is an inspiring orthopaedic surgeon. The passion he has for his work and teaching is amazing. I did my internship in the unit under him. His positivity is infectious. He has given me the motivation I needed to take the next step toward my dream of becoming an orthopaedic surgeon. I am sure he will keep motivating and inspiring many students through his books."
Dr.Nivedha A.
MS Orthopaedics,Tagore Medical College
"During my residency days as a MS student, I trained extensively under Dr. Prashant. It is truly an inestimable experience to have worked under such a skilled clinician and an accomplished surgeon. Dr. Prashant has always taken an extremely keen interest in instilling knowledge amongst his juniors in a very selfless manner. He’s helped a variety of aspiring undergraduate and postgraduate students to reach their goals. This has been made possible through his Teaching courses, academic study material and his various study groups on platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook. Thank you sir."
Senior Resident in department of Orthopedics. Sir Gangaram hospital, New Delhi

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