Arthroplasty Fellowship Program Faridabad

Sarvodaya Healthcare is a high volume centre performing more than 1500 joint surgeries in a year
deluding Knee. Hip. Elbow. Shoulder and Revision Surgenes and is renowned for performing
successful Fast-Track Knee Replacement Surgeries. It is well-equipped with advanced instruments
REPLACEMENT SYSTEM” through which most of the Knee Replacement surgeries are being

Program Descriptions: Entire program is meticulously planned and emphasis given for the
development of skills in diagnosis and treatment of Pathologies of Joints and Bio-Mechanics of
Implants and rigorous training is given to inculcate surgical excellence in computer navigated and
robotic joint replacement techniques.

Program Director: Dr. Sujoy Kr. Bhattacharjee
Duration: 1 year/ 2 years (from DOC)
Number of Seats: 2

1. Completed M.S./ DNB (Ortho) with 2-3 years Post P.G Experience.
2. Age – not more than 35 years.

Upon completion of stipulated time period fellow would be provided with Fellowship Certificate.

How to Apply?
Share your request along with your C.V. at: or Whatsapp 9999043722

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